Artist Bio

Beth was born and raised in Massachusetts. In 1998, she received her BA in Studio Art from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  After graduating, she moved to Cape Cod and began a pottery apprenticeship with Steve Kemp of Kemp Pottery.  Steve spoke of his apprenticeship with Harry Holl owner and founder of Scargo Pottery.  After working with Steve, Beth went on to work with Harry.  Harry had a way of influencing many young potters and guiding them into realizing that to be successful in clay, one has to make their work become a way of life.  

Upon finishing her apprenticeship in 2001, Beth moved back to her home town and began teaching art and producing her own body of work to sell in many shows across Massachusetts.  Beth completed her Masters of Visual Art at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts in 2005. Her focus was on the functionality and creativity of Jomon Pottery made by the ancient people of Japan.

After receiving her Masters, Beth began teaching at the high school and college level and soon after moved to Asheville, North Carolina. Clay is what drew her away from her home in New England and she began working as a studio assistant at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts and later began a two year residency program.   

Beth married and has two children and has been teaching at Asheville Buncombe Community College since 2007.  Since her children have come into the picture, her ceramics has been slightly on hold.  Between being a mother and a part time Ceramics Instructor, she works in small batches creating custom orders for customers. She is looking forward to when her youngest child goes to school so she can fully dive back into her ceramics work.