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Cara Gilpin & Alwin Wagener


Cara Gilpin & Alwin Wagener

Cara and Alwin have chosen a handmade porcelain dinnerware set along with a few special service pieces to use and decorate their home with as they begin their new life together!

They have chosen wood fired porcelain with turquoise glaze and incised lines (as seen in the image above). All pieces are made by hand and with A LOT of love for Cara and Alwin!! The work is designed to be functional as well as decorative and each piece can go into the microwave and dishwasher.

Cara and Alwin are great appreciators of fine art and craft and they will cherish their set and think of you each time they use their chosen items.

To purchase an item from their registry, please choose from the items they have requested below. Once you have decided what you would like to have made for them, please contact me with your order item and quantity via email at I will respond within 24 hours to confirm your order and with instructions on payment options. Thank you for your support!

Gift Requests:

Dinner Place Setting Service for 12 Includes: 12 Dinner Plates, 12 Salad/Luncheon Plates, 12 Bowls and 12 Mugs. Items can be purchased individually or as a, “One Place Setting”. Check the Availability of each item. These will be updated as orders come in.

One Place Setting Includes: 1 Dinner Plate, 1 Salad/Luncheon Plate, 1 Bowl and 1 Mug: $156 per set

Dinner Plate: $42 ea. Available: 6/12

Salad Plate: $38 ea. Available: 10/12

Bowl: $38 ea. Available: 10/12

Mug: $38 ea. Available: 10/12

Water Pitcher: $75 No Longer Available

Gravy Boat: $48 SOLD No Longer Available

Salt and Pepper Shaker (2 pc. set): $48 SOLD No Longer Available

Oval Serving Platter 12”: $68 SOLD No Longer Available

Round Serving Platter 12”: $68 No Longer Available

Large Nesting Serving Bowl: $75 Available: 1/1

Medium Nesting Serving Bowl: $68 Available: 1/1

Sugar Bowl and Creamer (2 pc. set): $76 Available: 1/1

Butter Dish: &68 Available: 1/1